From Word of Mouth to “Word of Fingers”?

Business websites helps in Internet word of mouth

As a small business owner, you probably have heard that Word of Mouth can be the most powerful form of marketing strategy. But do you know that, in today’s highly connected world, Internet referrals – a.k.a “Word of Fingers” – can be even more powerful?

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Free tools to create your SME business websites

Free tools to create websites

If your business is just starting out, and you only need a basic business website to step into the online world, we have listed down a bunch of free tools to help you create your own small business websites.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Top 5 reasons of having a business website

With the popularity of mobiles devices, business websites can be a catalyst to your business. Here are top 5 reasons why your business needs a website.

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