The Problem

QwikVisit needs a solution where doctors and patients can schedule follow-up appointments with the help of the computer. As follow-up visits usually don't require extensive checks, online appointments usually would suffice.

Our Solution

We've helped QwikVisit develop a solution using the latest audio / video streaming technology to allows doctors and patients to meet online. QwikVisit also holds a list of doctor profiles which allows patients to seek for second opinion).

Amazing Results

The system allows both doctors and patients to save time as online visits is more convenient than physical visit. With the state-of-the-art streaming technology, the online sessions can be run smoothly just like any face-to-face meetings.

Hassle-free online appointments for doctors and patients

We helped QwikVisit create a solution that allows doctors and patients to make online appointments. Powered by the latest audio / video streaming technology, QwikVisit helps replace physical face-to-face meetings with high quality online sessions.