What is sadder than having a website that no one visits? SEO can be (and should be) one of your biggest investments in online marketing. Done nicely, it can bring huge rewards to your business! Here are a few tips to get you started.

As we promised in our earlier post (From Word of Mouth to Word of Fingers), here are the easiest ways to make your website search engine optimized (SEO)!  It is an important part of online marketing.  If your customers can’t find your site online, what’s the point in having a site?

Entrepreneur published an article highlighting some tips and tricks for SEO.  SEO can be the deciding factor between whether you make the first or second page in a Google search, and let’s face it. Who uses the second page of Google?

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  • Consistent and Awesome Content
    Publish useful content regularly. Google likes that, so does your customers. For Google, frequent updates is a signal that your website is always fresh, and this can result in better search result ranking. For your customers, useful content is how they view your business as a credible source.
  • Keywords
    Use them!  Make them as specific to you as possible.  If you run an organic pet supply store, use keywords such as “organic dog bedding,” “organic bird seed,” and/or “all-natural cat toys” in your post titles and section headers.  Don’t force it though.  You need it to sound conversational and not too much like a sales pitch.
  • Streamline Your Site
    It’s got to be easily accessible.  People aren’t going to stick around if they can’t find what they’re looking for. Do your website visitors a favour by making it easy-to-navigate with a clear hierarchy. (Did we mention Google likes well-organized websites?)
  • Be Original
    Copyright infringement is a bad thing, both legally and for SEO.  Duplicate content can create some confusion with search engines and it just looks tacky.  If you use another site’s content, get permission first if needed, and link to the page.  You would want the same courtesy.

SEO can be a daunting task if you don’t know the in-and-out of it. However, if done properly, SEO can bring huge rewards to your business!