When it comes to online marketing, most business owners focus on things like social media, press release, online reviews and etc. But they often missed the most important thing - a well-designed mobile marketing strategy.

We’ve seen online marketing strategies survive despite missing a few crucial elements. Believe it or not, businesses can still have a success with online marketing even if they forget to post to Twitter once in a while. But there are some things that businesses just can’t recover from.

If we had to pick one aspect that’s hindering most online marketing strategies, it would be the lack of mobile marketing. Some businesses invest all of their time and money allotted for digital marketing on desktop-featured platforms. You might be able to get away with this if your target market doesn’t use smartphones or tablets, but you won’t find many people who fit this description today.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Importance of mobile marketing

A recent Tech Target article talks about the importance of mobile marketing and explains what most businesses are doing wrong. According to the article, many companies try to alter their desktop messages to work on mobile devices, when they should really be creating new content from scratch.

“Mobile marketing is still disconnected from the overall digital marketing strategy. Companies are basically making messages look nice on devices that are the same traditional messaging, so it’s not taking full advantage of what these mobile devices can offer, and particularly what mobile apps can offer and the engagement opportunities they provide.”

Mobile devices run different operating systems than desktops. They use different website browsers and have different screen resolutions. Don’t make the mistake of trying to tweak your website and content to just get by on mobile devices.

Instead, spend effort to make sure your prospects get the best experience of mobile marketing. Businesses should see this as an opportunity to communicate with consumers. Many people are now using smartphones and tablets more and more, so businesses should make them the focal point of their online marketing strategies. Failure to do this can result in an ineffective strategy that doesn’t resonate with consumers.

Getting started with mobile marketing

There are so many things you can do with mobile marketing. At the very least, make your business website easily usable on mobile devices.

Take Resort World Genting as example, their website is painful to be used on mobile. Visitors are required to “pinch” and “zoom” frequently to navigate their website.

Bad mobile websites

In fact it is not that hard to create mobile-friendly business websites, especially with the recent popularity of responsive web design. After your business website is mobile-ready, you can then go deeper by investing in mobile advertisements or even mobile apps.


It is all about connectivity for today’s consumer – there is a possibility that they wish to find out about your business any time any where on any device. Make sure you provide them with the best experience regardless of the scenario.